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Tamayo Kizaki
 (木崎 珠代 Kizaki Tamayo?), last name also rendered as Kizuki) is 13 years old, and is a friend and classmate of Misaki. She nicknames Misaki "Misakichi" and is rather eccentric. One of her favorite activities is practicing her martial arts techniques on her unwilling friend, Kotaro. She always cheers for Misaki at Angelic Layer matches and defends her against those who question her ability. In the anime, it is revealed that Tamayo has always held intimate feelings for Kotaro, while in the manga, she only sees him as a close friend. She offers to be Misaki's "second" in her national game match against the Angelic Layer Company's angel when Hatoko is ill. Misaki accepts Ohjiro's offer instead.

Physical AppearanceEdit

She has brown hair and purple eyes.





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