System Down! Decisive Fight on a Ship in a Storm!
Season 1, Episode 19
Air date August 5, 2001
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System Down! Decisive Fight on a Ship in a Storm! ("Shisutemu Daun!? Arashi no senjō kessen!", システムダウン!? 嵐の船上決戦!) is the nineteenth episode of Angelic Layer.


For Misaki and Hikaru's first match, they must battle against Chitose Tanaka and her Angel Elain; Chitose is taller than most girls, as is her Angel, and she feels self-conscious about it, and is angry at Misaki, feeling that she's getting all the breaks because she's so small. A storm brews outside and, coupled with Elain's space-warping Hexigonal Revision technique, threatens to short out the Layer right from under both Angels!

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