Shirahime Versus Suzuka! Secret of the Ice Machine
Season 1, Episode 15
Air date July 8, 2001
Written by Tiffany Grant
Directed by Ikurô Satô
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Shirahime Versus Suzuka! Secret of the Ice Machine ("Shirahime vs Suzuka! Aisu Mashīn no himitsu", 白姫VS鈴鹿! アイスマシーンの秘密) is the fifteenth episode of Angelic Layer.


The next battle pits Sai and Hatoko's Angels, Shirahime and Suzuka, in a duel of veterans. After a tense showdown, the winner is declared to be, by one point, Shirahime. Heartbroken that she failed to keep her end of the promise and experiencing true loss for the very first time, Hatoko cries on Misaki's shoulder as she promises to win against Sai for her. But Sai is not impressed, stating that she has her weak point all figured out and that someone so small has no hope of winning...

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