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Ranga (ランガ Ranga) uses a technique called "the Dance of Death", which uses wind to attack opponents from a distance. Ranga is a contestant in the Kantō regional games. She wears Arabic clothes and resembles Tatra from Magic Knight Rayearth and Sumomo from Chobits. In the end of the anime, Ringo is wearing a cosplay of Ranga. In the manga, her name is Lanka. She faces Hikaru and loses, much to Misaki's surprise, but Ringo and Misaki remain friends.

Physical AppearanceEdit

She has dark red hair in a high ponytail that goes to her knees and wears arabian themed clothes that are tan
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Ranga's appearance

colored (her pants) and yellow colored (the top half of her shirt). She has an emerald on her forehead and belt and she has tan skin that is a more orange color than the other angels. Her belt has two white, long ends that match the large tail-like apendages flowing from her shoulders. She also has white colored flats with elf like ends as shoes. On her arms are white sleeve like acessories that have gold bands at the top. She also has a gold colored neck acessory and large gold hoop earrings. She is also tall, very graceful and very elegant, but also supremely beautiful, superbly sexy and extremely glamorous.

Ranga's fighting styleEdit

Ranga uses a wind dance to attack her opponents along with a barrage of quick jabs and kicks. Her wind dance hits the opponent like a punch or kick but seems to do no actual body damage. The wind is slightly visible, turning orange at times although this may be shown so the audience may see. Ranga executes this wind attack by doing a series of dance moves and gymnastic flips. Her "dance of Death" can be blocked/dodged if you move from the axis, since the wind can only move straight.



Angelic Layer - Fight - Hikaru vs Ranga

Angelic Layer - Fight - Hikaru vs Ranga

Hikaru vs. Ranga

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