Pure White Blanche. Kaede’s Smile
Season 1, Episode 13
Air date June 24, 2001
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I Won’t Give Up! And an Angel Was Born

Pure White Blanche. Kaede’s Smile ("Junpaku no Buranshe Kaede no hohoemi", 純白のブランシェ 楓のほほえみ) is the thirteenth episode of Angelic Layer.


The Semis have arrived and so has the creation of the Environmental Layers, Layers that simulate terrain for more amazing battle opportunities. As Misaki and Kaede's Angels, Hikaru and Blanche, square off, it soon becomes obvious that Misaki's concentration is off; her mother promised to come, but she's nowhere in sight. Turns out that Shuko was too scared to face her daughter and refused to come, leaving Misaki in a pickle as she discovers Blanche's secret...

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