Misaki Suzuhara (鈴原 みさき Suzuhara Misaki) is main character of Angelic Layer.

She is a 12-year-old girl who has just moved to Tokyo to live with her aunt. She had been living with her grandparents in Wakayama while she went to elementary school, but saved her money so she could afford to go to middle school in Tokyo. She worries about the fact that she is small and unathletic, and is sometimes mistaken for an elementary school student. She sees Angelic Layer as a way to prove that there is nothing wrong with being small. She started playing Angelic Layer after seeing the white angel Athena on a video screen outside of Tokyo Station (she was unaware that she was seeing her own mother's angel). Her angel is Hikaru, and she is known as the "Miracle Rookie". She is nicknamed Misakichi (みさきち) by her friend Tamayo. In volume 7 of the manga Chobits, she is seen with Minoru and two other visitors at the hospital visiting Kaede.

Physical AppearanceEdit

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Misaki has short brown hair with two long bits of hair on the side with a yellow hair tie on them. She has blue eyes and is said to be short and small, which eventually leads many people to think of her as an elementary student. Her school uniform consists of White stiff midriff jacket with 3 large blue side buttons, blue right hand pocket with dangling royal gold crown symbol attached, royal blue sailor collar with white trim and gold royal crown symbol on back, long sleeves with royal blue cuffs with white trim, white cheerleader pleated skirt with royal blue underlayers, royal blue right arm cuff band, quilted with gold royal crown symbol, royal blue thigh high stockings, royal blue shorts, Pale aqua long sleeved, collared blouse, 2 gold tufted hair bands and white ankle boots with 3 blue buttons up sides, with royal blue toes and heels




She is a timid, sweet-tempered, and kind girl but in the manga she is more overreactive and easily excited. She does not like fighting with others.


Shadow PantherEdit

Misaki accidentally booked a fighting layer instead of a practice layer for her first time playing Angelic Layer with Hikaru.

Kyoko - QueenEdit

After having a short practice session with Mihara Ohjiro, Misaki was approached by a deus and her angel, Queen. The deus cheated by using electric whips, which are forbidden in Angelic Layer.

Hikawa Yuko - KatalinaEdit

Misaki and Hikaru's first official fight in the Kanto Tournament.

Yamada Tomoko - VasquezEdit

Hikaru had to battle a heavy weight type of angel and Misaki had lost her faith in fighting with Hikaru.

Kobayashi Hatoko - SuzukaEdit

Misaki and Hikaru battled Hatoko and her angel, the Light Speed Suzuka. She eventually lost when Hikaru received a blow from Suzuka's special technique, The Rolling Thunder.

Shibata Maria - TsubakiEdit

Still afraid of fighting after her loss to Hatoko, Misaki and Hikaru had to fight Tsubaki for her last chance in Kanto Tournament.

Misaki Ryo - 3 AngelsEdit

First time fighting against a boy, Misaki was not sure if Hikaru will ever be able to win.

Seto Ringo - RangaEdit

Misaki lost her confidence when fighting the idol Seto Ringo and her angel Ranga with her lethal move, The Dance Of Death.

Fujisaki Madoka, Fujisaki Arisu - MaoEdit

Misaki faced the Fujisaki sisters who cheated by putting a transmitter on Hikaru to disrupt the connection between Misaki and Hikaru.

Saito Kaede - BlancheEdit

Misaki was distracted when she found out that her mom was going to be in the tournament. And when she had finally got her head in the game, she had to face the fast angel Blanche and her Hyper Mode.

Jounouchi Sai - ShirahimeEdit

The Kanto tournament final. Misaki fought against the ice machine Jonouchi Sai who pointed her weakness before. And while fighting Sai and Shirahime, Misaki struggled to find Hikaru's weakness.

Tanaka Chitose - ElainEdit

Misaki and Hikaru have to face an opponent that finds being big and tall a disadvantage. Misaki fights to prove that anyone can play Angelic Layer regardless of height.

Inada Shuji - New Type SI-174Edit

With Hatoko having fallen ill, Ohjiro Mihara steps in as Misaki's Second against the company's latest model of Angels in a demonstration battle.

Mihara Ohjiro - WizardEdit

The final stepping stone before Athena, Misaki and Hikaru face off against Wizard and his signature technique, Magic Guard.

Suzuhara Shuko - AthenaEdit

In the final battle of mother vs daughter, several years' worth of communication takes place through Athena and Hikaru.


Tamayo KizakiEdit

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Hatoko KobayashiEdit

Shoko AsamiEdit

Ichiro "Icchan" MiharaEdit

Ohjiro MiharaEdit

Shuko SuzuharaEdit



  • Angel Entry Phrase: "Angel Wings! Please guide me and Hikaru!"
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