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Maria Shibata (柴田 まりあ Shibata Maria) is Misaki's fourth and final opponent in the Tokyo prefecture games. Her angel is Tsubaki. She fights Misaki in episode 7. Apparently both of her parents had to work until late at night and she couldn't be with anyone except her brother, who was very sick. She always had to take care of her brother so she never got to be with her friends since they were only outside. After her brother got better, he says to Tamayo that even when he got better she still didn't have any friends, but instead she got into Angelic Layer. After she loses her battle against Misaki she is angry but Misaki tells her that she had fun playing against her, which leaves her smiling how she found a friend. The last scenes of the episode have her brother saying that he is going to get into Angelic Layer as well to play with her so she'll have someone to play with. She and her brother appear in the finale two episodes to watch the fight between Hikaru and Athena


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  • Angel Entry Phase: "My only partner. The world's strongest, Tsubaki."
  • Voiced by: Hilary Haag (English), Kazusa Murai (Japanese).
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