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Kyoko (京子 Kyōko) first appears in episode three of Angelic Layer. She challenges Misaki to an unfair Angelic Layer battle and loses. Her angel is Queen.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Wears a pair of pink hair bows.


Kyoko in the middle.


An arrogant Angelic Layer player who challenges new players in battles for easy wins. Kyoko consistently targets less experienced Angelic Layer players, and uses illegal weapons to keep her "win percentage" high. Despite Kyoko's unfair advantage against Misaki and Hikaru, she ends up losing anyway. She was quite a poor sport after her defeat against Misaki and Hikaru.



  • Angel Entry Phrase: Display your fierce power, Queen.
  • Voiced by:Chieko Atarashi (Japanese) , Luci Christian (English).
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