Kobayashi Kotaro

Kotaro Kobayashi

Kotaro Kobayashi (小林 虎太郎 Kobayashi Kōtarō) is a good friend of Misaki and her supporter in Angelic Layer. Tamayo was his best friend from kindergarten. In both, the anime and manga, Kotaro has romantic feelings for Misaki. He also used to get jealous of Ohjiro Mihara as he was close to Misaki. Kotaro even dueled with Ohjiro for his jealousy even though that was his first time in dueling. Misaki returned his feelings in the manga and they even dated each other. But in the anime Misaki didn't have feelings for Kotaro and Misaki ended up with Ohjiro and Kotaro ended up with Tamayo who has feelings for him. Hatoko Kobayashi is his little sister.

Physical AppearanceEdit

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Kotaro is an average height first year middle school student. With a slinder form. He has grayish sliver eyes and dark tented blue hair. He has a slightly darker complexion than some of the other protagonists and he's normally shown wearing a uniform like the one shown on the right. 




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