Kaede (斉藤 楓 Saitō Kaede) is a 15-year-old quiet and wise girl with glasses from Kanagawa. She is friends with Sai Jounouchi. Her parents are divorced, and she lives with her father. She received an angel egg as a gift from someone in her father's company. Her personality does not appear to be one suited for Angelic Layer, as her father comments that he never believed that he would see Kaede compete in a fighting game. Despite this, she is adept at Angelic Layer. She treats her angel, Blanche, as her own daughter. She is known as the 'girl with a healing smile'. It is revealed in Chobits that she is Minoru Kokubunji's sister.

Physical AppearanceEdit

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She has brown hair and green eyes. She wears glasses.





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