I’ve Made My Mind Up on You! The One Misaki Selected
Season 1, Episode 17
Air date July 22, 2001
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Many Strong Opponents! The National Games of Everyone’s Dreams

I’ve Made My Mind Up on You! The One Misaki Selected ("Anata ni kimeta! Misaki no eranda hito",あなたに決めた! みさきの選んだヒト) is the seventeenth episode of Angelic Layer.


With the Nationals coming her way, Misaki feels nervous, but a surprise visit from her friends changes all that. Ohjiro's gift to her makes Kotaro jealous as Misaki's mother struggles to bring herself to visit her daughter. On top of all that, Misaki learns that she must choose a Second, an advisor for the game, to participate with her in the Nationals. Hatoko wishes to be that person badly, but does she have a chance with so many people asking Misaki?

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