Deus: Misaki Suzuhara
Angelic display

Though small and lightweight compared to most angels, Hikaru possesses very strong attacks, most which are speed-based. Her small stature makes her aerodynamic, quick, and agile. She was created by Misaki to show others, through Angelic Layer, that there is nothing wrong with being small. Hikaru appears as a crossover character in Chapter 144 of Clamp's manga Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. Hikaru's name means 'glowing' or 'shining' in Japanese. In the manga, Misaki bases Hikaru's appearance off of Hikaru Shidou from Magic Knight Rayearth.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Her appearance is a bit tomboyish, since Misaki had accidentally cut her hair short. She has a less mature physique
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than other angels.



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