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Hatoko Kobayashi (小林 鳩子 Kobayashi Hatoko) is a five year old girl who plays Angelic Layer. Her angel's name is Suzuka.


Hatoko Kobayashi is five year old girl in kindergarden. She has a brother named Kotaro Kobayashi. She plays Angelic Layer and her angel is Suzuka nicknamed The Speed of Light. She is one of Misaki Suzuhara's best friends. She was deafeated by two angels. The first is Athena who won the first three consecutive National games -the deus is Shuko Suzuhara who is Misaki's mother and Sai Jounouchi beat her so she could challenge Misaki in the Kanto Games final match and when she did she lost. Hatoko is the only deus who has beaten Misaki at Angelic Layer. Kotaro thinks Hatoko is too mature. Hatoko was supposed to be Misaki's second during the national games but she got a summer cold before Misaki could fight with SI-174. Luckily Ohjiro Mihara was there to cover Hatoko for that match. Hatoko was very sensetive after she lost to Shirahime but she knew it was regular to lose to Athena. She couldn't keep her promise to Misaki to see her at the National Games and instead became her second.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Hatoko Kobayashi's form and drawing type is like the others; nothing looks sharp or jagged, but it's not chibi.
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However, being a kindergartener, this type of anime is multipied to give a slightly more "adorable" chibi look. Hatoko Kobyashi's hair resembles Chi's from CLAMP's Chobits; It's long, reaching her ankles, and her bangs come forward, slightly longer bangs on either side of her head, but instead of Hatoko's hair being blonde like Chi's, It's a midnight blue, so dark that it implies that her hair is actually black, black hair isn't used in Angelic Layer, instead it's like Hatoko's hair, a very dark blue. Hatoko Kobayashi's eyes are an innocent purple, which is surprising beacause none of the other characters have un-realalistic features such as strange hair or eye colors. Hatoko's face can turn from the charming, innocent kidergartener to a very serious determined look that she often gets before games or while playing one. Her school uniform that she wears for most of the Anime resembles a red and white sailors outfit, with a big hat in the back. Clasping the shirt is a pin that's shaped like a crown; the Piffle Princess sign.


Hatoko is a wise girl but is very sensetive when it comes to losing because when she lost to Shirahime she told Misaki Suzuhara she didn't have enough power so she and Misaki promised that Hikaru would beat Shirahime and prove height and age doesn't matter at all but getting deafeated by Athena is normal.



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  • Angel Entry Phrase: "Exceed the speed of light and sound, Suzuka!"
  • Date of birth: December 07, 1991
  • Voiced by: Yuri Shiratori (Japanese), Sasha Paysinger (English)
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