Finish It Off! Hikaru & Mao’s Important Game
Season 1, Episode 11
Air date June 10, 2001
Written by Tiffany Grant
Directed by Ikurô Satô
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Mean Sisters! Hikaru, the Target
Misaki & Kotaro. Their Exciting Date

Finish It Off! Hikaru & Mao’s Important Game ("Ketchaku! Hikaru to Mao no shinken shobu", 決着! ヒカルとマオの真剣勝負) is the eleventh episode of Angelic Layer.


As she aids Hikaru in fighting off the effects of Arisu's cheat device, Misaki shows Madoka and Mao that Angelic Layer isn't about competing or holding grudges, but about having fun, plain and simple. Ohjiro comes to the rescue on the side and Hikaru wins, securing a slot in the Semis...but fellow Deus and finalist Sai Jounouchi claims to have figured out Hikaru's weakness.

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