Fight at the Edge... Misaki’s Last Chance
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date May 13, 2001
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Suzuka, the Speed of Light! Hatoko’s Declaration of Rivalry!
Misaki VS Misaki? A Dangerous Classmate

Fight at the Edge... Misaki’s Last Chance ("Girigiri no tatakai... Misaki no rasuto chansu", ギリギリの戦い... みさきのラストチャンス) is the seventh episode of Angelic Layer.


Her devastating loss against Suzuka has left Misaki afraid to enter the heat of battle again, fearing for Hikaru's safety. However, while fighting against Maria, a girl who believes that her Angel Tsubaki is all that she has in life, Misaki realizes that Hatoko meant no harm at all and that Angelic Layer is meant to be fun.

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