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Deus: Shuko Suzuhara


Athena (アテナ Atena) has won the National Games championship in all three years of its existence, and is the undisputed champion of Angelic Layer. She can create powerballs, called Astral Emission, and fly with wings. During their fight, Hikaru learned to do this.

Athena is a speed-type Angel with a strong offensive/defensive.

Physical Appearance[]

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She has long blonde/yellow hair, slightly wavy. Her outfit is a mixed about dress and armor with a white/light silver touch, blue/greenly outlined. Helmet, especially the shoulders stands out. She is without a doubt, The prettiest, fairest, shiniest, most beautiful and most magnificent of all angels.

Fighting Style[]

Athena is a speed-type angel with immense power, offensive fighting style with good observation. Speed, reflexes, strength is highly developed and used very flexible, enabled to counter, dodge and attack skillfully. Puts her opponent under pressure and educated him exactly.

  • Speed Advantage: Speed can enhanced the power of blows and kicks, she uses distance to build up more momentum.
  • Mixed Martial Arts: Athena's fighting style used influences from Wrestling,Taekwondo and Boxing.
  • Final Move: Athena devolped wings, flys over her opponent and build a ball of pure energy (Astral Emission)

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